Color Logo 2022 Fact Sheet

The Mission of Housing Services Mid Michigan (HSMM) is to assist low to moderate income individuals and families fulfill their need for affordable, safe, and sanitary housing through the participation in federal, state, and local programs and services.  Through coordination of such programs and local providers, HSMM will strive to provide a “continuum of care” approach to better serve the diverse needs of program participants and encourage their economic self-sufficiency.


In 2022, HSMM provided case management for 1265 adults and 717 children. Total Financial Support = $2,068,930.
CERA assistance provided additional rental & utility payments for 1418 families. Total ADDITIONAL support = $5,392,668.

Eaton County:
~Emergency Rental Assistance: 304 Households (362 adults, 297 children). Included in this number were 112 homeless, 80 evictions, 110 relocations, and 2 foreclosures. Direct financial assistance totaled $104,613.
~Rapid Re-Housing: Rental subsidies of $96,189 for 14 displaced families (20 adults & 25 children).
~Extended Services: Provided housing stability for 13 households (15 adults & 14 children), totaling $7,896.
~Permanent Supportive Housing: 24 units for chronically homeless singles/families where an adult has a disability. This includes 32 adults and 13 children. Rental subsidy for these households totaled $224,294.
~Mainstream Voucher Program: Rental subsidies of $1,133,260 for 172 disabled voucher holders (184 adults & 83 children).
~Shared Housing Intervention Program: 21 couch-homeless families with school-aged children were enrolled in SHIP case management and received $3,113 in assistance. This included 30 adults and 48 children.

Clinton County:
~Emergency Rental Assistance: 231 Households with 277 adults and 211 children. Included in this number were 112 homeless, 71 evictions, and 48 relocation. Direct financial assistance totaled $140,912.
~Emergency Shelter Program: Provided 1025 nights of shelter for 51 households (63 adults, 30 children). Funding = $76,859.
~Permanent Supportive Housing: 13 units for chronically homeless singles/families where an adult has a disability. This includes 17 adults and 10 children. Rental assistance for this program totaled $117,738.
Tri-County Outreach: (Clinton, Eaton & Ingham)
~Offender Success Transitional Housing: Lansing Tri-County area assisted 139 adults. Total financial support = $164,056.
~PATH/SOAR Street Outreach: 313 individuals contacted/located and 114 enrolled in PATH/SOAR case management.
~Lender Referrals & Home Buyer Education: 2 client households assisted with Lender Referrals, and 19 households assisted with Home Buyer Education on-line classes.

COVID Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA) Program: (Clinton & Eaton Counties)
CERA rental & utility assistance in Clinton = $1,069,862 for 284 families; Eaton CERA assistance = $4,322,806 for 1134 families.