In the early 1990s, Michigan begins to experience sharp rises in the annual cost to shelter the homeless. Michigan's Family Independence Agency (FIA), now the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is unable to meet the need.

A group of individuals in Eaton County are also exploring the homeless issue; some for financial reasons, others for social reasons. This group, called the Housing Committee,a  sub-committee of the Human Services Coalition, consists of several employees of FIA, some local ministers, some area teachers, other concerned individuals, and representatives from the MSU Extension Ofice, Capital Area Community Services, Eaton Shelter, and Eaton County Housing Department. Many people in the Housing Committee work with landlords and individuals to resolve housing problems and issues.


The Housing Committee develops by-laws, requests and receives a 501(c)3 status from the federal government, and selects a name for the newly formed entity: Housing Services for Eaton County (HSEC). Eaton Federal Savings Bank graciously donates funding for the incorporation fees and the papers are filed on July 17, 1995.


HSEC applies for a $400,000 grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to assist with move in costs for homeless individuals and families. The funds are appropriated for June 1, 1997.


A down payment assistance program, IDA,  is added.  First time home buyers work with HSEC staff to save money for a down payment, and after completing education requirements, savings are matched 3-to-1 to help with a down payment. By 2007, this program will help 30 families purchase their first homes.


HSEC partners with a for-profit developer to submit an application for a 48-unit subsidized senior housing project in Charlotte. The apartment complex is completed in August 2004 and is fully leased by the end of the year.


HSEC becomes the third-party administrator for the City of Charlotte's Rental Rehab Project. In addition to creating 4 new downtown rental units, this project invests $200,000 in rehabilitating existing rental properties.


HSEC is granted funds from FEMA's Emergency Food and Shelter Program to assist with homeless prevention and evictions.


HSEC is named Eaton County's Housing Assessment and Resource Agency- establishing a single point of entry for Eaton County's housing agencies.


HSMM receives a HUD Grant to support its housing education and counseling activities. The program provides homebuyer education, pre-purchase and foreclosure counseling in Eaton and Barry counties.

2018- Present

In 2017, HSMM applies for grant funding to start a Permanent Supportive Housing program in Clinton County. In 2018, a 9 unit program is established and a part time case manager is hired to administer the program out of the St. Johns office.