Mainstream Voucher Program

How to Apply

The Mainstream waitlist is now closed.

Housing Services Mid Michigan will announce any future Waitlist openings in the local newspapers, on our Facebook page and on our website.


Housing Services manages 212 Mainstream Vouchers in Clinton and Eaton counties. The vouchers are specifically for individuals age 18-61 with a verifiable disability. Participants in this program pay 30% of their monthly income towards rent and utility payments. HSMM provides case management to participants and supports landlords to minimize conflicts and prevent evictions.

5 Year PHA Plan

Program Benefits

Landlord Benefits:

  • Prompt payment of rent
  • Guaranteed payment - the program guarantees on-time payment even if the renter has a history of bad or slow credit payments
  • Security - The tenant will be screened by you and HSMM
  • Long-term income without continuous turnover of tenants
  • The development of a long-term relationship. Section 8 vouchers do not expire. Landlords will be able to keep their units rented as long as the landlord/tenant relationship is mutually beneficial

Client Benefits:

  • Only pay approximately 30% of your monthly income toward your rent and utilities
  • Full-service, prompt, case management to help solve problems including landlord and tenant disputes
  • The support of the HSMM staff in various aspects of renting and life skills

Program Requirements

Landlord Responsibilities:

  • Unit must pass a NSPIRE inspection standards
  • Conduct your business as usual
  • Screen applicants using regular tenant application
  • Maintain a safe living environment
  • Report any changes to the HSMM voucher case manager
  • Comply with the HAP contract and Tenancy Addendum

Tenant responsibilities:

  • Supply true and complete required information
  • Be and remain drug free, with no criminal activity
  • Pay your portion of the rent on time
  • Maintain a clean and safe living environment
  • Promptly inform the landlord and HSMM of any intent to vacate/move
  • Report all changes in income or family composition to the HSMM voucher case manager

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the Mainstream Non-Elderly Voucher Program?

The Mainstream Non-Elderly Voucher (MV) Program is a federally funded program administered by Housing Services Mid Michigan (HSMM) that provides rental assistance to help eligible, low-income households pay their rent for those with a verifiable disability between the ages of 18 and 61.


Does my income affect eligibility for the program?

Yes. To be eligible, your gross income must not exceed program regulation income limits for the county in which you live.


What will I pay for rent?

If you qualify and are accepted as a participant, the amount you pay out of pocket for rent and utilities will vary, but generally your portion will not exceed 30% of your adjusted gross income.


Will there be a criminal screening?

Yes. You must consent to release criminal information and allow HSMM to receive records from law enforcement agencies and sex offender registries. The records will be used in accordance with federal regulations and HSMM policy. Please note that having a criminal background does not mean you will be denied access to the program.


Will I need to pay a security deposit?

Yes. You will be liable to pay any requested security deposit for the unit in which you were approved for as long as the requested deposit meets local and state law.  The voucher program can only assist with monthly rent.


Does the housing have to meet any standards?

Yes. The unit must meet or exceed the NSPIRE inspection standards.


Is there an annual re-examination?

Yes. You will need to complete yearly paperwork and return it to HSMM. Along with completing yearly paperwork, your housing unit will also need to be inspected to make sure it meets the NSPIRE.


How long is the voucher good for?

As long as you are housed (utilizing the voucher), and you are meeting tenant obligations, and have no program violations, the voucher does not expire.

Housing Resources

*Independent Housing Search Guides

Know your rights and resources

Downloadable Documents


* Please use caution when meeting people through web-based applications, and do not give them any money until the unit has been approved. Housing Services Mid-Michigan is not liable for personal safety or, lost money due to web-based scamming!

Other Programs

The wait list for this program is long and moves slowly. Clients are encouraged to seek out other programs that help make housing affordable while they are on our wait list. If you have an immediate housing emergency, please call our office to discuss emergency programs.

Other agencies that administer voucher programs include:

Potterville Housing Commission - 517-645-7076

Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) -  517-373-9344

Lansing Housing Commission -  517-487-6550